12 Must Have Accessories for the New Year

There’s a reason why we’re so obsessed with accessories. Even the smallest piece makes a monumental difference in our lifestyles, whether for aesthetical or practical reasons. Naturally, every year we see a new catalog of products that seamlessly integrate with our sense of style or livelihood. With years becoming more challenging, these accessories are more important to us than ever. Let’s have a look at some of the best!

Reel in the New Year with These 12 Stylish and Practical Accessories

Are you ready to add some lavish accessories to your person in the new year? Hot Cake Shop is offering some fantastic pieces to give you the rejuvenated state of mind you desire. We’ve used their catalog to discover brilliant accessories that will lead you into the new year in style. Find 12 of them below.

1.Magnetic Phone Ring Holder

Let’s face it, our phones aren’t going anywhere in the new year. Why not give them a perfect balance of practicality and style? This Magnetic Phone Ring Holder not only gives people a more ergonomic way to hold their phones, but it also helps them stand up by themselves. Let’s not forget the fantastic bottle opener attached for the party occasion, too!


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Magnetic Phone Ring Holder

2.Refillable Hand Gel Dispenser Strap

As we head into 2022, the concerns about public health and safety still remain. How about this nifty little hand bracelet to replace your boring old bottle of hand sanitizer? The Refillable Hand Gel Dispenser Strap neatly fits around your wrist, producing sanitizer with a simple press of a button. It’s near, sleek, and one of the most stylish ways to keep your hands clean.


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Refillable Hand Gel Dispenser Strap

3.Everyday Goggles Protective Eyewear

Yet another inevitable new year trend is the fact we will use our digital devices more and more. If you’re conjuring any resolution to get healthier, the Everyday Goggles Protective Eyewear is a great place to start. The carefully curated glass protects eyes from UV light, preventing strain. It also provides a barrier against dust, wind, sand, and pollen.


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Everyday Goggles Protective Eyewear

4.Stress Release Rotatable Ring

Stress is something we should never have to face, but often it can’t be helped. That’s why we think the Stress Release Rotatable Ring is essential going into the new year. This small, wearable accessory has a rotating ring that moves when prompted. Release stress in front of others without them realizing anything – you’ll be the coolest kid on the block!


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Stress Release Rotatable Ring

5.Earphone Cord Winder Cable Holder

There is still plenty of use using traditional wired headphones, not to mention other corded devices. The vibrant Earphone Cord Winder Cable Holder takes you into the new year, intending to get organized. This small, colorful contraption serves you in getting your wires nearly wrapped around its body to save mess and space.


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Earphone Cord Winder Cable Holder

6.Anti Snoring Devices Set

Snoring is one of those things that just seems to happen as we get older, but boy, do we want it to stop! If you or a loved one faces issues with snoring, this Anti Snoring Devices Set will cure what ails them. The device fits onto the nose to stop nasal congestion and help with breathing problems. Who knew such a small tool could have such an impact?


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Anti Snoring Devices Set

7.Mini Card Protector Wallet Holder

As technology advances, so do our scammers. Card limits are going up on contactless payments, making them even more susceptible to thieves stealing with RFID readers. The Mini Card Protector Waller Holder fits several cards in a compact, pocket-sized wallet. It’s protected by material that repels RFID that ensures your contactless cards are safe.


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Mini Card Protector Wallet Holder

8.Diamond Apple Watch Case

Have you got an Apple Watch and want to bring a little bling to the surface? Look no further than the Diamond Apple Watch Case. The gorgeous shell gives your cherished Apple Watch the protection it needs giving the device an elegant and sophisticated shine. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you may want one just to get this case!


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Diamond Apple Watch Case

9.Laptop Sleeve Notebook Case

Our laptops are part of us, whether in our personal or professional lives. The Laptop Sleeve Notebook Case is one of the most outstanding accessories we could offer our devices in the new year. See how the stylish case transforms from a robust cover into an ergonomic stand, in an instant, discovering the crossroads of protection and practicality.


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Laptop Sleeve Notebook Case

10.USB Rechargeable Handheld Fan

We may only be heading into the new year, but before you know it, summer will be here. Stay on top of those boiling hot days with a cooling device right by your side. The USB Rechargeable Handheld Fan is foldable and easily placed in your pocket or bag while not in use. But when that sudden blast of heat comes around, you’ll be prepared!


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USB Rechargeable Handheld Fan

11.Wrist Folding Reading Glasses

We do have a love of wrist accessories that wouldn’t belong there. The Wrist Folding Reading Glasses is no exception! Turn your reading glasses into an extraordinary bracelet when not in use. Whenever required, simply remove them from your wrist and continue reading. It certainly sparks curiosity from the people around you – and is one of the most unique accessories for the new year.


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Wrist Folding Reading Glasses

12.Double Silk Mask

We’re not quite over the mask-wearing phase yet, so we might as well make it as stylish as possible. These gorgeous Double Silk Masks provide the protection needed while adding a refreshing layer of comfort. The silk is soft as can be and makes donning a mask not as much a burden as usual. The accessory is available in a few different colors and is completely washable.


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Double Silk Mask

Get Yourself Ahead of 2022 Trends with these Accessories!

“New year, new me” is a typical phrase as we head into another year. While you may not always be able to accomplish what you set out in your resolutions, there’s always one point of consistency. You can improve your life by adding stylish and practical accessories into the mix and being the trendsetter everyone looks up to. We’ve listed the groundbreaking products we believe will put you ahead of 2022 trends. Discover some more fabulous accessories at Hot Cake Shop.

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