15 Kitchen Tools That You Simply Can Not Do Without

Kitchens are the heart of the home, being spaces that feed us, provide social outlets, and a place to refresh and rejuvenate. But what makes kitchens tick? It’s the tools that help the area function to serve its ultimate purpose. Some are just decorative pieces to fit the kitchen’s, while others are deemed essential to fulfill its home goals.

We’ve been through plenty of kitchens and found plenty of tools that can help ensure that cooking and cleaning are more efficient. However, not everyone wants their drawers and cabinets littered with items they are barely going to use. Luckily, we’ve found a fantastic kitchen item vendor in HotCakeShop that only curates the most essential tools at excellent prices.

We’ve used that as the foundation of our list of kitchen tools that you simply can’t live without. But first, let’s define what makes up an ‘essential kitchen item.’

What Makes a Kitchen Item Essential?

The debate continues about how much you actually need in your kitchen. Naturally, you will need the basics such as cutting knives, utensils, pots, and pans, and so on. However, we’re always looking for products that will enhance our kitchen experiences – making the tasks of cooking and cleaning quicker and with better results.

Kitchen tools that achieve both of those feats are the ones you could deem essential – not just the ones that look stylish. Those that showcase their ability to target the crossroads between practicality and functionality are items that must be brought into your kitchen. We’ve narrowed down the search, using HotCakeShop’s fabulous inventory to help.

Here are 15 Essential Tools That Will Benefit Your Kitchen

There are so many items that you can bring into your kitchen that deciding what to get can be overwhelming. So many suppliers are vying for our attention, showcasing why their products are absolutely essential pieces for your kitchen. We understand how that can hinder your kitchen’s functionality. That’s why we’ve developed a list of the kitchen tools that will benefit the space – rather than clutter it. Discover 15 essential items your kitchen can’t do without below.

1. 2-in-1 Food Shovel Tong

There’s always that stringent issue when cooking your items sticking to your pan. It’s a bothersome trait quickly solved by the 2-in-1 Food Shovel Tong. The masterfully designed cooking utensil features a shovel-like webbing to quickly and easily scoop up your foods without damaging them. Post-cooking, the tong can be used as spaghetti and salad servers, too!


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2-in-1 Food Shovel Tong

2. Spice Shelf Storage Organizer

What’s more satisfying than having your spices organized neatly on a beautifully curated rack? The Spice Shelf Storage Organizer incorporates a subtle yet practical design, attaching itself to any existing shelf to provide a space-saving nest for your spices. Users can grab the containers they need and place them back again without the traditional cabinet mess!


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Spice Shelf Storage Organizer

3. Butter Cutting Container

Storing and cutting butter feels like it’s a more daunting task than it should be. The original wrapped gets messy, and the stick of butter usually gets cut in awkward, unappealing ways. The Butter Cutting Container solves these nuisances with a wire-based cutter placed on top of a clear container. Press down on the stick of butter for it to be cut into neat, symmetrical pieces while providing an efficient way to store it in your fridge.


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Butter Cutting Container

4. Quick Press Meat Tenderizer

A meal that features a soft, juicy piece of meat is one of life’s most pleasant things. Having to hack through a steak that’s hard and tough to chew is not. The Quick Press Meat Tenderizer is a kitchen essential, ensuring all your meat gets evenly tenderized with the pinpoint needled blades on the surface. Get the best out of your food with this easy-to-use kitchen tool.


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Quick Press Meat Tenderizer

5. Kitchen Utensils Storage Stand

Another bothersome aspect of kitchen life is the rogue utensils that are scattered throughout the area. It seems we spend far too much time searching for them when cooking or cleaning up the mess they leave on countertops. The Kitchen Utensils Storage Stand provides a more efficient way to store utensils, even having a space to hold a pot top!


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Kitchen Utensils Storage Stand

6. Refrigerator Cleaning Kit

Messy fridges can be very unpleasant to the senses. Not only that, unclean refrigerators can be breeding grounds for bacteria comprising the food and drink you have inside. This nifty Refrigerator Cleaning Kit helps remove bacteria, stains, and any blockages from the tubes leading into the unit. You’ll have a healthy, happy, and safe fridge to use freely!


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Refrigerator Cleaning Kit

7. Peel Collector

Don’t you hate the mess left behind when peeling vegetables, fruits, or potatoes? That valuable space on your kitchen countertops could be used from something else rather than the piles of peels that mount on it. The Peel Collector banishes those excess peels from your cutting area by storing them on the peeler as you go along. All you need to do is dump them after the collector fills up and keep on peeling. How great is that?


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Peel Collector

8. Porous Salad Dressing Bottle

Eventually, we get tired of inconsistent dressing on our salad that seems to change the taste of the meal every time. The Porous Salad Dressing Bottle brings a refreshing and easy way to dress your salad or sandwiches beautifully and consistently. Place any sauces or dressings inside the tool, and simply squeeze for your desired result whenever you have a hungering for a well-balanced salad or sandwich.


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Porous Salad Dressing Bottle

9. Stainless Steel Taco Holder

‘Taco Night’ is becoming more ingrained into our culture. So much so, it seems we’re having homemade tacos at least once a week! That’s why this Stainless Steel Taco Holder is now a kitchen essential. It removes the traditional mess from taco night, offering a holder that will keep each piece intact and easy to serve to your friends and family.


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Stainless Steel Taco Holder

10. Food Slicing Assistant

Why do cuts of fruits and vegetables look so inconsistent so often? Many of us fear that sharp-cutting blades cause us harm while our hands are holding down the item. The Food Slicing Assistant does away with that concern. It gives us a tool to hold down your foods effectively, so you can slice them into the desired pieces without being forced to touch the item.


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Food Slicing Assistant

11. Party Hype Champagne Launcher

The Party Hype Champagne Launcher is a little more abstract than some of your standard kitchen tools – but it’s too good not to include! Are you hosting guests or need to kick the party off? Attach this brilliant tool to your champagne bottle. Then pull the trigger, and watch champagne fire out of the nozzle for any party-goer to enjoy from a distance. It’s a different way to do things, but it will undoubtedly make your hospitality memorable. Anybody who loves hosting parties must make this essential!


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Party Hype Champagne Launcher

12. Mini Blade Edge Sharpener

Blunt knives are one of the most frustrating parts of preparing food for cooking. Every so often, we come across blades that have faced wear and tear, leaving us having to spend long periods sharpening them with stones. The Mini Blade Edge Sharpener is a lightweight and portable sharpener that will return your blades to standard in seconds. Never stress about keeping your knives sharp again.


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Mini Blade Edge Sharpener

13. Electric Fine Grinder Pen

We always see these recipe instructions that include finely chopped herbs. That leaves us wondering how they manage to get them in such a state? No matter how hard we try, our knives simply won’t get them in that fine stature – until now. The Electric Fine Grinder Pen is a powerful, handheld tool designed to get your herbs finely ground and placed in an instant.


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Electric Fine Grinder Pen

14. Multifunctional Manual Press Soap Box

Sometimes it’s the classic designs that are the most significant in our kitchens. The Multifunctional Manual Press Soap Box is one of those timeless pieces that keep hands, dishes, sinks, and spaces clean with a practical, functional, and ergonomic design. Press your sponge on top, and watch it fill with soap quickly. You’ll be able to get your cleaning down in a fraction of the time it usually takes.


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15. Stainless Steel Pastry Rolling Cutter

While baking has always been a traditional part of kitchen life, it’s becoming more and more trendy. As the pastries we make become more intricate, there’s a greater need for tools to help shape the perfect result. The Stainless Steel Pastry Rolling Cutter quickly cuts your sheet of puff pastry or dough. It facilitates the most beautiful casings for your desired item – including croissants and much more.


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Stainless Steel Pastry Rolling Cutter

Don’t Miss Out On Deals For These Kitchen Essentials!

These 15 kitchen essentials will indefinitely make your life easier in cooking and cleaning, bring a more functional space to your home. We’d imagine all these pieces would come at great expense – but not necessarily! Visit HotCakeShop’s kitchenware to discover magnificent deals on these items, and browse the other fantastic home essentials. They are deals not to be missed, so get your kitchen equipped now at a fraction of the regular price!

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