20 Kitchen Gadget that you will fall in love with very soon

Kitchen gadgets are what make cooking more interesting, attractive, and profitable. A good gadget can solve multiple problems and save a lot of time and energy in kitchen work. That’s why we always try to carry the best tools and appliances that will help us simplify our tasks or even change them into something different, which is more beautiful and efficient.
Finding new gadgets that will amaze you with their usefulness and power is a challenging task. You have to consider a lot of details before buying something – its quality, price, unique features and of course the performance of the product itself.
We’ve selected 20 Kitchen Gadgets that we believe will bring some fresh air to your daily cooking routine and make the whole process more exciting and efficient.

1.#1 Pizza Cutter Wheel

The pizza Cutter wheel is a special gadget for cutting perfectly round slices of pizza. It prevents your hands from getting burned and lets you cut through large pizzas easily. You can use it to serve your pizza, too, without destroying the shape of the slice that was already cut with a standard knife.
This is one of the most useful gadgets that is inexpensive and easy to use – just put it on your pizza, hold your cutter over it and pull the handle.


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Pizza Cutter Wheel

#2 Multifunctional Manual Press soap Box

This soapbox is a small and handy gadget that has many functions. It’s easy to carry, allows you to store hand soap inside, and gives you extra space on your sink or in your bathroom for other items like toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, and more. The gadget gives you an easy time dispensing your soap and cleaning your sink at the same time. Another benefit of the soapbox is that it’s quite easy to use and takes very little space. It can be easily stored in small places like under the sink or on a shelf.


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Multifunctional Manual Press soap Box

#3 Watermelon dividing fork

This fork is a great tool for dividing watermelons easily and efficiently. It’s made of stainless steel, and it has four end-pieces that will give you a good grip on the melon as you cut it into pieces.
The fork can be used to slice cantaloupe, honeydew, or any other type of melon. The advantage of this device is that it helps you keep your fruit fresh until you’re ready to cut them apart. Just put the pieces back together after cutting them apart – they’ll stick together just like how they were before slicing them, so no mess will occur!


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Watermelon dividing fork

#4 Automatic Popcorn Machine

While cooking an air-popped bag of popcorn in the microwave may seem easy and fun, this kitchen gadget is a better option. It’s a little machine that’s shaped like a carafe to keep it from taking too much space on your countertop or table. Its main selling point is the fact that you can set the machine automatically and get your popcorns ready in few minutes.


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Automatic Popcorn Machine

#5 Mount Free Rotatable Bathroom Organizing Rack

This bathroom organizer can be placed on your wall and gives you a lot of room for many tools and accessories. You can use it to hang towels (using hooks), sponges and brushes, shampoo bottles, razors and shaving cream bottles, medicine containers, and more! It’s quite easy to install – all you need is some screws or nails to make the holder stick tightly on the wall.


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Mount Free Rotatable Bathroom Organizing Rack

#6 Instant Avocado slicer

This gadget is one of the most useful ones out there if you like to eat food that contains avocado. It cuts a whole avocado into cubes with just one push, and then it catches each piece in its own separate container, so they don’t get dirty or slippery after being cut. You can also use the slicer on other fruits and veggies to cut oranges, lemons, strawberries, grapes, and more!


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Instant Avocado slicer

#7 Rose Gold Dinnerware set 6Pcs

This rose gold dinnerware set can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen and dining room. The stylish pieces in the set look just like real rose gold, and they’re made from durable porcelain.
They’re also quite easy to clean, and you can use them to serve anything from salads, side dishes, main courses, desserts, or snacks!


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Rose Gold Dinnerware set 6Pcs

#8 Mini Handheld Juice squeeze

This gadget is a great tool for people who love to eat fruits and veggies. It’s perfect for squeezing juice from lemons, oranges, limes, and other citrus fruits, so you can easily enjoy the juice without having to squeeze them one by one using your hand or a fork. You can also use it as a zester – just put some lemon zest inside the device and squeeze it gently until everything comes out!


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Mini Handheld Juice squeeze

#9 Kitchen Frying Pan

If you like to cook, then this is a must-have for your kitchen. It’s specially designed to make life easier when cooking with pans on the stove. The frying pan has an ergonomic design, so it won’t slip out of your hands even if it gets wet or greasy. It also comes with two silicone sleeves – they will keep the bottom of your pans stable all the time without letting them fall or slide around; plus they are heat-resistant, so you can put them over the fire!


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Kitchen Frying Pan

#10 lasting Refrigerator herb keeper

If you like to cook your food from fresh ingredients, then this is a must-have for you. This herb and vegetable keeper will keep them fresh and tasty for much longer than they would be if left just on the countertop or in the fridge! It’s made of stainless steel, so it will last for years. Plus, it looks very nice and decorative – it can actually function as a nice kitchen decoration piece by itself as well as being functional!


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lasting Refrigerator herb keeper

#11 Self-adhesive Kitchen Paper roll holder

If you’re up to something new and fun, then this might be just the right thing for you! This is a self-adhesive kitchen paper roll holder that can easily replace your regular one. One of the great feature of this gadget is that when you stick it on the wall, it does not need any nail! And this turns this gadget into a unique feature for your kitchen!
Finally, it gives you the chance of having a piece of art in your kitchen while also holding all of your paper rolls at once!


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Self-adhesive Kitchen Paper roll holder

#12 Foldable Cutting Board

This cutting board is delivered in a case that can be used as storage, too! You can use it for keeping your boards clean while not using them or you can even fold it up and put it on the table to make meal time more enjoyable. It’s made of silicone so it won’t slip on any surface around the kitchen while also being very tough – it will last for many years before showing signs of wear.


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Foldable Cutting Board

#13 Safe Cut can Opener

This is a great gadget for people who like to open cans. It’s very easy and comfortable to use so it won’t hurt your wrist – the opener locks on the can and rotates it around its axis, leaving an opening in the can rim without touching or cutting through it so there’s no sharp edge at all! You don’t need any extra force for this device, just hold it as you would with a regular opener and twist the handle.


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Safe Cut can Opener

#14 Kitchen Filter Mesh Spoon

This is a high-quality product that lets you save time when cleaning, peeling or rinsing your food. It has fine mesh so it will filter out any unwanted particles from your liquids while letting others pass through the strainer, plus it’s very easy to clean even if you didn’t wash it by hand! You can use this gadget for many kitchen tasks including draining pasta, washing fruits and veggies or making tea – just put some of the ingredients inside, swirl them around in boiled water and all parts except what you want to keep are filtered out.


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Kitchen Filter Mesh Spoon

#15 Grease away powder cleaner

We call this a powder cleaner but it actually isn’t – it’s made of very fine baking soda! After you’ve greased your pans with cooking spray or shortening, you can sprinkle some of this product on them and let the powder sit for about 15 minutes. Use a damp cloth to wipe off all grease after that and your pans will be as good as new!


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Grease away powder cleaner

#16 Ice Cream Maker

This is the best ice cream maker you can find on a budget. It’s very easy to use and it will make you fresh delicious desserts at any time of the year! You just put your ingredients inside, turn it on and wait for about half an hour before your frozen treat is finally ready – this device works with regular freezers so there’s no special equipment required. Check out more details in our full review.


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Ice Cream Maker

#17 Vegetable spiral slicer

If you like making healthy food and salads then this gadget is for you! Making zoodles (zucchini noodles) or vegetable spaghetti has never been easier than with this tool! Just put some raw veggies on one end of the spiralizer and twist it around to get thin, long pieces that can be cut into curls or shorter noodles. You can add fresh pasta to your favourite soups and stews for a perfect dinner!


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Vegetable spiral slicer

#18 Strainer Potato Masher

This is a great kitchen device if you eat a lot of boiled potatoes, vegetables or any other kind of mashable food. We all know that when you boil potatoes, water gets everywhere and it’s a pain to get rid of! Well, this gadget makes everything much easier – just put your veggies in the mesh strainer and use its handle to press down on them. You’ll have mashed potatoes ready for adding some tasty ingredients in just a couple of minutes!


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Strainer Potato Masher

#19 Multipurpose Drawer rack

It’s very easy to get disorganized in the kitchen and end up with a counter full of forks, spoons and other utensils. This gadget will stop that happening to you! It comes as an adjustable rack that can be placed inside any drawer to let small items such as knives, forks or spoons stand upright without getting pushed around. You’ll love how organized it makes your drawers look like even if they’re not very big!


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Multipurpose Drawer rack

#20 Stainless steel Vertical Chicken Roaster Rack

This great device is useful if you’re having a BBQ party or cooking any kind of chicken in the oven. When roasting poultry, it’s important to let all parts cook evenly and this gadget can do just that! By lifting up the bottom half of the chicken above the fat and skin, you’ll get tasty meat with crispy skin – plus there’s no need to lift baking trays full of hot food. You can also use this rack for grilling vegetables and meats on skewers for your next dinner – just add some veggies around the edges and put marinated foods in between.


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Stainless steel Vertical Chicken Roaster Rack

By now you’ve probably noticed that there are many great kitchen gadgets on the market – some of them are really useful while others provide entertainment. If you’re an avid cook then investing in a good gadget is always worth it, also, the list above will come handy if you can’t cook for any reason.
The items listed above will make any experienced cook happy so they can do their job more effectively. So it’s time to start using one (or all!) of the kitchen gadget above and turn the cooking into your favourite hobby!

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