12 Bags Tailormade for the Active Person

When we’re out and about, the last thing we want to worry about is the safety, security, and accessibility of the items we bring with us. Bags were made to solve that problem, but not all serve the proper purpose. Some are better than others, and we’d like to share our bag enthusiasm with you.

There’s Always Room for Another Bag!

No matter your personality or outgoing traits, there’s always a bag for you. Whether for professional purposes, travel, or venturing out into nature – a bag for the occasion doesn’t hurt! We can’t get enough of the collection at Hot Cake Shop as they seem to have a bag for everything. Let us share the ones we found that serve as particular favorites.

Discover 12 of our Favorite Bags Made for Our Active Lifestyles

Here are some of the bags that we think bring the most value to the active person. Bring a new aura of convenience to your lifestyle with the selections below:

1.Crossbody Leather Case with Phone Holder

We’ll start off our list by showcasing a bag that meets the crossroads of practicality and portability. Fashionable, simple, and multifunctional. The Crossbody Leather Case with Phone Holder looks like a small purse when you close it up. With the exterior card slot pocket, you can store ID cards or other flat items conveniently in this case. You can find your keys quickly through the key ring on the zippered central opening. It’s perfect for traveling use or daily commute use.


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Crossbody Leather Case with Phone Holder

2.Heavy Duty Waterproof Fortified Tool Bag

Those who are inclined to do a bit of DIY will love this ergonomic tool bag. The Heavy Duty Waterproof Fortified Tool Bag is a top-quality, lightweight tool bag designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. This durable waterproof bag features nylon material construction that makes the internal portion of the bag virtually immune to tears or shredding. The piece isn’t only for tools. Its durability and versatility mean you can use it exactly how you want to!


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Heavy Duty Waterproof Fortified Tool Bag

3.Multifunctional Mobile Tactical Pocket

Sometimes, we don’t want to carry a large bag around to store a few things when you’re out and about. The Multifunctional Mobile Tactical Pocket is a practical and convenient marriage of the essential items you use every day – including mobile phones, pens, and credit cards. This multi-purpose pocket can be easily attached to your belt or carried in your hands. There’s a reason why servicemen keep one of these on hand.


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Multifunctional Mobile Tactical Pocket

4.All Access Camera Bag

We’re hauling more digital media gear than ever to document our adventures in the great outdoors. The All-Access Camera Bag ultimately facilitates organization so that everything has its place. It minimizes stress and misplacement of equipment, with quick access to gear to capture those special moments before they pass you by. The bag has solid straps and a durable black exterior with nylon lining to protect the electronics inside. It’s the most professional solution for a budding photographer!


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All Access Camera Bag

5.Multipurpose Roll-up Tool Bag

If you’re looking to store a host of equipment in a smaller space, this bag is just the ticket. The Multipurpose Roll-up Tool Bag has 5 compartments for easy storage and a hand strap to carry around easily. While the bag is built to store tools compactly, don’t fret if you want to keep other items in there. It’s perfectly accommodating for things such as toiletries!


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Multipurpose Roll-up Tool Bag

6.Self-Defence Coin Purse

We’re not sure what’s meant by the term ‘self-defense’ here, but we do know that it’s a functional little bag. Its pouch design is compact with a button mechanism to wrap around your belt loop. The small pocket inside stores small items like coins and is hidden away from the eye line of thieves and pickpockets. The Self-Defence Coin Purse is essential for anyone traveling to a new city or place.


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Self-Defence Coin Purse

7.Canvas Documents Organizing Portfolio

Nothing is more satisfying than having your documents organized when traveling. This portfolio holder is made of canvas material, with 3 layers of sleeves for managing papers or certificates. There are also small pockets to hold pencils, pens, and business cards. This organizer can be used as a home for all your essentials when traveling, making your journey seamless and hassle-free.


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Canvas Documents Organizing Portfolio

8.Rainbow Reflective Chest Bag

Those looking to bring a little more style to their outings will love this pouch. The trendy Rainbow Reflective Chest Bag is made of high-quality weatherproofed material with a shimmering fashion-focused design. It can comfortably fit your mobile phone, notebook, keys, or other small items. The extra storage compartment in the front flap provides even more space for the urban wanderer.


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Rainbow Reflective Chest Bag

9.Military Grade Ultra – Waterproof Backpack

Are you heading into the wild? Take a bag with you that will knowingly stand up to the wear and tear of outdoor adventure. The Military Grade Ultra – Waterproof Backpack is designed with a layer of robust protection to shield your gear from any harsh circumstances. It incorporates quality materials that will provide exceptional performance and years of reliability. It’s a must for all adventurers!


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Military Grade Ultra Waterproof Backpack

10.Portable Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag

Nobody wants to pay for bags, let alone cause environmental harm with plastic. The eco-efficient shopping bag is perfect for everyday use. Our bags are made of durable, robust, and waterproof Nylon with a 5L carrying capacity for your shopping. Toss your bag in your car or take it to the grocery store – the bags are lightweight yet heavy-duty. There’s no better way to make an impromptu grocery run!


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Portable Eco Friendly Shopping Bag

11.USB Leather Crossbody Bag

This over-the-body bag is essential for the active urban commuter. The classic leather crossbody bag is a must-have fashion accessory. These quality accessories feature embossed leather and raffia lining, which make them stylish and easy to maintain. Of course, we can’t forget the USB feature that provides a bridge between your power pack and your mobile device. Keep charged all day long while looking great.


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USB Leather Crossbody Bag

12.Large Foldable Drawstring Backpack

For the artsy, design inclined person, the Large Foldable Drawstring Backpack is the ultimate solution. The floral arrangements on the fabric provide exciting and eye-catching patterns. However, it’s the practicality that stands out. The bag folds down into a small wallet when not used, easily stored away for complete convenience.


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Large Foldable Drawstring Backpack

Carry More with Endless Options at Hot Cake Shop

We can’t get enough bags. There’s one suited to every scenario and purpose and satisfies the organization addictions, so many of us have! Hot Cake Shop has a bountiful selection if you’re like us and need to have a bag for everything. Discover a bag for a purpose that you never knew you needed!

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