Environmentally Friendly Soldering Paste

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronics manufacturing and repair, the demand for high-quality soldering materials that meet both performance and environmental standards is on the rise. Milor, a trusted brand, has introduced the R-23 series of soldering paste, redefining BGA (Ball Grid Array) soldering with its lead-free, environmentally friendly composition.

Milor R-23: Unveiling the Product

Specifications and Variants
Milor’s R-23 soldering paste is available in various specifications and packaging options, catering to a wide range of applications. The product comes in 10-gram paper box rosin (1 box), 35-gram plastic box soldering paste (1 box), 35-gram plastic box soldering paste (2 boxes), and 100-gram iron box soldering paste in various quantities (1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 boxes). With the product code ZHJ, Milor R-23 is produced in mainland China, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality manufacturing.


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Environmentally Friendly Soldering Paste

BGA Soldering Redefined

BGA soldering, a critical process in electronics assembly and repair, demands precision and reliability. Milor’s R-23 series stands out by offering a lead-free, environmentally friendly solution. The soldering paste boasts excellent flowability, resulting in bright and reliable solder joints. Its low odor, non-corrosive nature ensures a pleasant working environment, while the absence of harmful fumes contributes to a healthier workspace.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Lead-Free and Environmentally Friendly
Milor R-23 takes a significant leap towards sustainability by being entirely lead-free. This not only aligns with global environmental regulations but also reduces the environmental impact of electronic waste. Manufacturers and technicians can now contribute to eco-friendly practices without compromising on soldering performance.

2. Excellent Flowability and Bright Solder Joints
The soldering paste’s exceptional flowability ensures smooth and consistent application, facilitating the creation of bright and visually appealing solder joints. This feature is crucial for applications where the aesthetic quality of solder joints is as important as their functionality.

3. Low Odor and Non-Corrosive
One of the common challenges in soldering operations is the presence of unpleasant odors and corrosive substances. Milor R-23 addresses these concerns with its low odor formulation and non-corrosive properties. Technicians can now work comfortably without exposure to irritating fumes, promoting a safer and healthier workspace.

4. Infinite Conductivity and Easy Tinning
The R-23 series boasts infinite conductivity, ensuring reliable electrical connections. This is particularly essential in electronic components, where uninterrupted electrical pathways are critical. Additionally, the soldering paste facilitates easy tinning, allowing for efficient and precise soldering even in intricate circuits and components.

5. Low Smoke and No-Clean
Milor R-23 minimizes the generation of smoke during the soldering process, contributing to a cleaner and more comfortable working environment. Furthermore, the no-clean feature eliminates the need for post-soldering cleaning, saving time and resources in the manufacturing or repair process.

6. Rework-Free Assurance
The advanced formulation of Milor R-23 significantly reduces the likelihood of rework. This not only saves time but also ensures that the soldered joints are durable and reliable from the initial application.

Versatile Applications

Milor’s R-23 series is designed to meet diverse soldering needs across various industries. Its wide-ranging applications include:

Electronics manufacturing
Circuit board repair
Household appliance maintenance
Soldering of mobile phone chips
Integration of electronic components
Motor soldering and assembly

Milor’s R-23 soldering paste sets a new standard in the realm of environmentally friendly and high-purity soldering materials. With its lead-free composition, excellent flowability, low odor, and non-corrosive nature, R-23 addresses the evolving demands of the electronics industry. Whether used in electronics manufacturing or intricate circuit board repair, this soldering paste proves to be a reliable and efficient solution. As the industry continues to prioritize sustainability and performance, Milor’s R-23 stands out as a commendable choice for those seeking a superior soldering experience.